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Who are we?

Dr. Elizabeth Rowen

Ph.D. 2020 Penn State University, Department of Entomology

M.S. 2015 Purdue University, Department of Entomology

B.A. 2011 Wellesley College, Biology


I am an insect ecologist and Assistant Professor at West Virginia University in the Division of Plant and Soil Science where I coordinate the insect zoo program, teach introductory entomology and insect ecology, and study the connections between soil and animal management (pastures, cover crops, and fertilization), plants, and insects in agricultural systems.

My interests include:

  1. Using meta-analysis to understand pest and predator response to soil management

  2. Investigating how manure affects insect pest damage and predator communities

  3. Understanding how pests and predators respond to cover crops and how cover crops can buffer their exposure to insecticides

  4. Exploring the dung beetle community of WV to better support animal and pasture health. 

I also enjoy cross-stitching, quilting, kickboxing, fencing, cycling and scuba-diving and hanging out with my twins. 


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